Body of Hatred

May 31, 2010
By Anonymous

The body of hatred

Some manic force pierces the twilight
you feel its presence tainted with evil
an energy that sends shivers down your spine
what could this stain on life be?

The energy manifests
with eyes black as the darkest soul
and a stare that the strongest of men crumble to
its cloaked body hovers seamlessly above the ground

why does it have no real face?
Just gaping holes where its features should be
those holes are gates to hell
to fear
To demise...

Is it fair for man to meet his ultimate fate at the hands of this beast?
This manifestation of pure hatred?
As soon as you met those eyes it had your soul
You hit the floor before you realised
Your essence tainted
Your eyes shift
Their light escapes them
Swallowed whole by the beast
It screams manic joy at the taste

As quickly as it came, the beast departs
Another soul in its desolate prison
Locked away for eternity
Suffering but never being heard
This is mans fate...
Should I set down my pen and accept my fate?
Man has a choice
Trade his evil and cowardous for honour and bravery
Or face the beast and it's malice
The fate of man is in his own hands...
Not in that of the beast...

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