Bottomless (Come Back)

May 31, 2010
By MaryyJane-eyes PLATINUM, Raytown, Missouri
MaryyJane-eyes PLATINUM, Raytown, Missouri
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Why must the good in me fly, high away?
Leaving with me nothing, and leading me astray.
I could wish a thousand times for who I want to be,
But sadly I could never get the heart inside of me.

Your bleak eyes seem inviting, but lost beneath the Cold,
The winter day that's here to stay and haunt our troubles old,
Some quiet things you're seeking, but oh - I'm not believing,
That anything in this Hell could ever be worth percieving.

By definition, I am lost and thrown, I am terror and I am Lone,
And the songbirds have flown away, my carcass pressed with stone,
To all the nights that guide us, the Purple Moon on Mars,
Takes soft ovals of madness, and trades our wings for stars.

People - Cease your sobbing! There's lots of trouble abrew,
And if you'd stop to breathe the crop I guarantee you won't see you.
for every Dame that's writing, don't tell the King persiding,
'Cause all they'll do is cast spells on you I know in them you'll be confiding.

Destiny. Crawling on your skin like a snake,
Slithering terror that keeps us awake,
Don't push me to follow, don't tell me it's fake,
For all of our personal sanity's sake -

Observe as I sink to the ground of the Lake.

- - - - - - - -

Below the Sun Tree, I tried to calm my thoughts.
However, they began to run amuck within my head,
Crashing into one another, filling me with waves.
Waves of dread. Dull and pounding lead.

I thought I could control the beasts beneath my heart.
But what am I to do when they begin to pull apart?
These feelings of something inside me, a quirk in my brain,
Like pain, but the good side of happiness.

How is it that winds can break the life of me?
Bellowing beyond the edge of gates to find us free,
And I'll be waiting until night falls.
It's much to rough behind capturing walls.

Ever since time passed, this hourglass has begun to crack.
And it's getting deeper. And we're sinnking lower.
And they're saying we may not be able to make it.
But I'll take a chance on you.

Is is true that when you feel dizzy, you sing Light?
Too melow to cower, I am just below the Tower.
Mild or sour? Loads of dying power,
Surging through wrinkly skin.

Beginning to fade away, my smile, just like you did.
The Sun Tree gives me shade, but I bleed, nonetheless.
And I still need to plant a kiss upon you,
Before all of the lies that they speak become true,
And I'm nothing but another ending day.

(Come back to me darling, come this way.)

The author's comments:
This poem is dedicated to my best friend. I hope you are doing okay.

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