Letter To God

May 31, 2010
By AshleyOB PLATINUM, Belmont, New Hampshire
AshleyOB PLATINUM, Belmont, New Hampshire
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Are you really out there
'Cause now I'm really scared
I don't know what happened to my parents
But I think they've been burned
And my stomache doesn't have food, not even a hint
Not even enough to churn
My sister, Anna, used to weep at night
Before the Nazis took her from my sight
And Caleb spends all day in the factory
Probably too busy to think of me
So, God,
I'm wondering if you're here now
My young soul is all worn down
There's nothing I can do to survive
Nothing I can do to keep us alive
Please help everyone try and get through
For this is my final request to you
I know this is my time to go
To Heaven or Hell, I don't know
But I surrender to you, Lord
And these are my final words

John Elly

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