Who Will You Be?

May 31, 2010
By sportsgirl BRONZE, Commack, New York
sportsgirl BRONZE, Commack, New York
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Have you ever wondered what you will be

When you are grown up and on your own?

What job you will pursue and how to live your life

So that all of your dreams are known?
Will you be a superhero saving the world

Or will you be the one to destroy it?

Will you be the President of the United States

Or an engineer with a permit?
Will you be a traveler visiting various countries

Or will you be someone who never leaves town?

Will you be an astronaut up in space

Or will you be in the circus having fun as a clown?
Will you be a hair stylist giving an up-do

Or a mailman delivering a letter?

Will you be an actor singing on Broadway

Or a grandma knitting a sweater?
Will you be a firefighter extinguishing fires

Or a police officer putting criminals in jail?

Will you be a teacher educating the youth

Or a weatherman predicting hail?
Will you be a soccer player representing your country

Or a cashier in a store at the mall?

Will you be a brain surgeon and find the cure for cancer

Or a lawyer suing one and all?
Will you be an artist, the next Van Gogh

Or an architect designing a hotel?

Will you be a scientist performing experiments

Or a model with gorgeous hair full of gel?
Will you be a sailor out at sea

Or a wrestler toughing it out in a fight?

Will you be an author writing the next great novel

Or a pilot about to take flight?
Who knows what you’ll be just wait and see,

‘Cuz only time will take you through.

With all of the choices, who cares what you’ll be

As long as that person is you.

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