Death in this world

June 16, 2010
By dannyhwizard BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
dannyhwizard BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Death comes in many different ways and forms but no matter where you go someone dies every second you can't escape death, it's inevitable so don't try to run and hide because you can't escape everyone's FATE you can only hope that you're not next on the list or else you'll take an eternal slumber and your prince/princess charming can't kiss and wake you up i'm talking about maggots crawling out of your eye balls and smell you smell like rotting flesh and rigamortis makes you stiff so you'll be helpless and you'll lose all hope because no one can help you now the bearer of the scythe is not dissapointed in his job but it's a perk for a skeleton with a purple robe just robbing people of their souls and keeping them for its own personal gain you'll scream it'll scream like a harpie till' blood runs down your ears like water down a waterfall

The author's comments:
ive had a bad life growing up and ive learned to escape using my music or writing a poem

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