house on fire

June 16, 2010
By selenaluv15 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
selenaluv15 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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A house is an innocent victim under the burning flames of a fire.
The house unable to fight back weakens as it is annihilated by the vicious monster.
The monster devours the house leading to total destruction, leaving nothing but the foundation, and all matter in black, grimy ash.

I heard the mayhem the day before.
Prepared men came in armor riding big red trucks, charged through the streets to come and slay the monster.
On those trucks I heard ear-ringing sirens, alarming surrounding cars to move out of the way, as I watched the smoke rising above the trees.

The whole neighborhood unacknowledged that and innocent victim, the house, was suffering in a realm of catastrophic chaos.
The monster is defiant when it is ignited.
The innocent victim, helpless.

Days after… I stood there… saddened… unable to imagine the loss of the family.
All because of one single mishap.
What a terrible monster.

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem for my 9th grade english class like 2 yrs ago and its about a fire that occured in my neighborhood

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