Clean Start, the Knight's Heart

June 16, 2010
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It's not one of those things,
that get's better with time

It's not one of those things,
once you talk about it's fine

It's not something you can explain
once you feel it, you're never the same

Talking about it won't make me better
Rain pours harder, and the world gets wetter

It's a scar, it's open, and it's not healing
It's not bleeding, it's burning, & patience peeling

We'll take a bandaid, and cover it with comforting words
I'll sit here, cry today, say nothing, and be heard
Music can't blare loud enough to cure this hurt

I didn't know where to turn, lost direction at a cross for words
the Right one said wrong, and the Left one said right,
and not one thing said I'd make it through tonight.
I felt this way every night, white flags flown, done with the fight

It's not ordinary, this feeling isn't regular, shared, or cureable
I got sore and wary, this person wasn't down at worst, scared, but durable

I know little, and I think too much
It snows a little, my heart sinks, at the thought and just,
as I was about to reach happiness, I realized my life didn't fit.

Not where happiness lies, not where no one lies, not there, not my life
This feeling causes me such pain, but he's the reason I keep trying
It's worth it, he's my cure, he'll heal me in the end for sure...

Broken & Hurt, But his smile lights my day, my life.
Needed to be reassured, Impossible with his title, he seems to have a way, my knight.

A damsel in distress says goodbye,
As he carrys her away.

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Meganchrisitne said...
Jul. 20, 2010 at 10:04 pm
I can relate to this in certain ways not as much as the last one though. I really liked the part about the open wounds it was really creative
just.me_899 said...
Jul. 20, 2010 at 9:47 pm
whoa....oh my goodness, this was really good. it was so meaningful and awesome. it really reaches n connects with the reader, in my opinion ^^ greaaatt job!!
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