beauty at its prime

June 15, 2010
By MoniqueLynne BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
MoniqueLynne BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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it be like that sometimes

I've seen it , done it , been there
so sad, what can i do?
I didnt ask to be here
cant go back in time and have my dad save that nut (not ment to be funny)
born into disaster horrific pandemonium
blood shead cried tears all from me through these pointless years
But why am i mad? i didnt ask to be here
so who is gonna take fualt for this beautiful disaster?

should it be my mother ; a woman so beautiful that it is sin
if thats it how could my father resist the once living temptation?
How about my father whos promises made god look like nothin'
and hi lioes sweeter than ice tea
Maybe if i was a fool i could pin it on god
knowing of all ; creator of this mass distruction
all mighty Jahova "PERFECT"
Why couldnt he share his perfect with me?
Why do i even care!? i didnt ask to be here

I didnt ask for this cruse
I didnt ask for the lies hurt or pain
I didnt ask for any of it
I didnt ask to be alive

But i dont wanna die
Maybe i jus want a bettet life
or better hidden lies
I jus want to be happy
In this life i didnt ask for

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