Do you remember?

June 15, 2010
By KatelynLeigh16 GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
KatelynLeigh16 GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
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Do you remember…..that song that played when we first danced?
I do……”How do I”……My boyfriend wouldn’t dance so you took his place….
Now here I am wondering how I would ever live without you…
Do you remember the first joke you ever made about our relationship?
I do…..You fell in the Water at Flat Rock and said
“Well you can’t ever say I never fell for you”
Now here I am saying the same thing…..only I fell hard and fast….
Do you remember that day we walked the trail at the park….you told me about this dream
You wanted to be in the Military….I laughed hoping you wouldn’t
Catch the fear in my voice….
Now here I am watching you…..go through Hell everyday to follow your dream
Do you remember when you turned Seventeen?
I broke up with you because you cheated on me…..with some snaggle tooth blonde.
Now here I am wondering what the hell you were thinking….
Do you remember when I was put in the hospital….
You were so worried only you couldn’t be there to support me…
Now here I am writing love letters at fifteen to you…..
Do you remember the 21 hours you road on a bus just so you could
Be at my sixteenth birthday party?
Now here I am……wondering why we ever broke up?
Do you remember that day under the tree?
Exactly…..ill guess you’ll have to keep loving me
Do you remember……?
Because I know one day youll remember everything....
just like me...

The author's comments:
This was written after my sixteenth birthday....

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