Ms. Anyonomous

June 22, 2010
By iamakappa BRONZE, Bentonville, Arkansas
iamakappa BRONZE, Bentonville, Arkansas
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“A coward dies a thousand deaths... a soldier dies but once.”

im looking at the waves in the ocean
wondering when me and you can share our magic potion
and fall in love, walk on the sand and
have a hearts fly like the doves
lets go to the moon baby
lets go above, forget the rest all it takes is a little shove
just tell me your name an adress
and ill be there in 5 at your door steps
ready to accept your heart. just give me your key and well give this relationship a start,

im looking for that thing defined as love
that thing god sent down from above
that brightest star
that most expensive car
cant compare to love
for me to deny it id be stupid
id give the world to be shot by cupid
and gaze upon the most beautiful girl
i dont care where she is in the world
any continent any country
as long as you see love the way i see

like drake said the best he ever had
thats good for him im glad
but im ready to experience that im ready to
fall harder then ever
so haRd i get a rip in my sweater
my heart is open in any weather
and damn right im looking
for a girl that cant get no better
and who doesnt focus on the cheddar
no gold digger
no ho, no hurt, no doing you wrong
just right
holding your hand through the night
and every time i see you squeezing you tight
sharing the love thats just right
i hope i find you ms. anyonomous
well you never know i just might

The author's comments:
i was inspired to write this poem, beacuse my heart is longing for love,

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