June 22, 2010
By SarahLand BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
SarahLand BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"It's not faith if you're using your eyes" - Paramore

Looking back now
I see the flowers insead of the thorns
It hurts to know how
All the color turned into something we both mourn
Darling, I forgive you
Remembering this brings back some love
So I can give you two
Of the most sacred gifts from above

Forgiveness and Peace

Know that I do not hate your soul
Or even despise your face
We just simply can’t be whole
At any given time or place
Never was this all on your shoulders
And I hope the anchor presses less deeply
Into your heart’s contures

Go now with the simple truth of love
I never intended so much pain for your young mind
And hope now that this will solve
All the words I said which were more than unkind

The troubles and nightmares you have faced
Without me in your embrace
I wish I could take it all and scrub it away
Allow you to sway
Back into the happiness which so obviously surrounds you
But such magic I do not possess

I would beg forgiveness
I would plead for a kind word
But I have bled you past Kindness
And created a depressed lord
Growing older within his mind
In the stead of a young soldier
Ready to serve me blind
If only we were older…

I could never express
Even through tears and blood
The extent of my remorse
I have such sorrow flowing like a flood
In my heart so scarred
I’ve done another atrocity
Leaving another soul terribly marred
You see, I am a monstrosity
And don’t deserve the forgiveness Light sheds upon me

What is the point in these pretty words?
I must say it’s too simple of atonement
For the holes I’ve gashed with swords
Into your being, to our astonishment
I don’t want to cause more confusion
Or even the torturous scalding to your conscience
I just needed to say
I am so very sorry

The author's comments:
Break ups are hard... Many harsh words are spoken and cruel fates wished aloud. At the end of it all, though, we must realize our own faults and apologize promptly for our mistakes.

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