June 22, 2010
Looking back now
I see the flowers insead of the thorns
It hurts to know how
All the color turned into something we both mourn
Darling, I forgive you
Remembering this brings back some love
So I can give you two
Of the most sacred gifts from above

Forgiveness and Peace

Know that I do not hate your soul
Or even despise your face
We just simply can’t be whole
At any given time or place
Never was this all on your shoulders
And I hope the anchor presses less deeply
Into your heart’s contures

Go now with the simple truth of love
I never intended so much pain for your young mind
And hope now that this will solve
All the words I said which were more than unkind

The troubles and nightmares you have faced
Without me in your embrace
I wish I could take it all and scrub it away
Allow you to sway
Back into the happiness which so obviously surrounds you
But such magic I do not possess

I would beg forgiveness
I would plead for a kind word
But I have bled you past Kindness
And created a depressed lord
Growing older within his mind
In the stead of a young soldier
Ready to serve me blind
If only we were older…

I could never express
Even through tears and blood
The extent of my remorse
I have such sorrow flowing like a flood
In my heart so scarred
I’ve done another atrocity
Leaving another soul terribly marred
You see, I am a monstrosity
And don’t deserve the forgiveness Light sheds upon me

What is the point in these pretty words?
I must say it’s too simple of atonement
For the holes I’ve gashed with swords
Into your being, to our astonishment
I don’t want to cause more confusion
Or even the torturous scalding to your conscience
I just needed to say
I am so very sorry

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