June 22, 2010
By kendraamy BRONZE, Kingston, Other
kendraamy BRONZE, Kingston, Other
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i have not failed. i have just found 10,000 ways that wont work.

Around early July last year I stood outside
My smoking house
I held my mom
Water sprayed from hoses
More smoke
A burnt smell lingered
In the air
Now I held my cat,
Petting her shedding fur

Around the time when I was four I picked strawberries
Plucking them from their plants
Slipping them into my mouth
Putting only the occasional one in my mouth
My red stained mouth
At the sweet juicy bite
That made my taste buds fall in love

On my 12th birthday it was a bitter November day
I skated
On the back porch of my dad's house
Steadied by my grandma
We struggled to get to the drive way
Everything covered by a blanket of white ice

Around the time that I was three,
I wanted to go see my dad in the deep end of the pool
I stepped closer to him
The pool floor dropping from beneath me
My head sinking under
Crystal clear water
Engulfing me

On vacation in Florida in the tenth grande,
I was in a dimly lit store,
The music blaring
I shopped 'til I dropped
Breaking my knee on the way down
Alone on the floor

Around two years ago, a villain was chasing us all over NYC
A blue and red suited man
Swinging from building to building
Caught us before we hit the ground
In our carts,
3-D glasses cover our eyes,
We screamed and marveled at the cartoon world around us

The author's comments:
This poem is all based on on true events

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