Dear Mama,

June 22, 2010
By , Crescent City, CA
Someday, when I'm gone I'll walk straight and tall
You won't be around to bring me down
Stop making me think something's wrong with me,
Cause there's nothing wrong with me, Mom!
You say I'm so awful, horrible, but no one else sees it.
You think I'm so bad, I'll show you how bad I can be!
Now I love you and it is not my intention to hurt you or to make you cry.
That's why you'll never read these rhymes.
These are some words I will never say
But if I don't do something I'm gonna go insane!
Dad's the one who wanted to keep me anyway, you just wanted to ship me away.
You told me to suck it up while I watched you pop perscription pills, and you take your anger out on me still!
You once told me I ruined your life, and you called me names I won't say.
No one should hear that from their own mother!
Yet I forgave you and you can still cry on my shoulder.
You're not a bad person, not a bad parent.
You've helped me and held me, we all make mistakes, I've made mine, you need to stop bringing up the past, you need to let it go, believe me it's time.
When I make it big I'll try to help the family to the best of my ability.
Try to replace being a family.

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