June 22, 2010
By Anonymous

My lips are locked, tight,
But I fear that my eyes might betray me,
My electric heart feels the pulse of,
A thousand frenzied nerve endings,
I simply cannot go on this way,
I know my love for you is unrequited,
We go on playing silly games,
I tried to quit it,
But your voice, like honey,
Calls me back to stay,
You’re charming and funny,
Like a prince without a steed,
I hold back tears,
Lovesick to the core,
My heart is yours to keep,
It beats for you forevermore,
So I sit, waiting patiently,
For you to open your eyes,
In the end we must trust fate,
To lead the way like a compass of stars,
Lined up in the velvet night sky.

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