June 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Sharp look in his eyes,
Words of love drenched in lies,
When this is what it comes down to,
Why do I go on wanting you?
But I just cannot resist that smile,
Or your voice which rings for miles,
Clouding up my thoughts as I attempt sleep,
My sense and my pride piled up in a heap,
These words stay strangled, hushed,
I say it’s just another crush,
Yet I know this short word degrades my feeling for you,
I peer into my heart and I know one thing true,
This shy love will never be returned,
My heart will never feel the bliss that is yearned,
You give me little more than a passing glance,
A few soft words uttered, leaving me in a trance,
Mesmerized by every step you pace,
In the back of your mind, I barely leave a trace,
You are living your life,
Without an ounce of strife,
Am I’m trailing behind,
Going into my heart and out of my mind.

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