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June 22, 2010
By pfvDAN69 SILVER, Liverpool, New York
pfvDAN69 SILVER, Liverpool, New York
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"One day, I'm just gonna get off the bus and I'm gonna run into the woods and I'm never gonna come back. And when I come back, I'm gonna be the knight's master"

There are many words I wish I hadn't said,
I wish I could rewind time and take everything back.
Please forgive me for the ways I've lead,
When you always told me to just relax.
You're the one that's always been there,
But I'm the one that hasn't been fair.
You keep saying it's okay,
But I know it's not because of what I say.
I hope this will clear things up,
So I can fully regain your trust.
You're my bestfriend,
You mean so much to me.
I hope you can see,
I'll be here forever.
So I will never,
Hurt you again.

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