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June 8, 2010
By TFaye23 SILVER, Auburn, Maine
TFaye23 SILVER, Auburn, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
\\\"You\\\'ve got to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you\\\'ve got, and remember what you had. Always forgive, but never forget. Learn from mistakes, but never regret.\\\"

I sit here and wonder to myself.
I sit here and think...
To myself.
I sit here and mouth words better left unsaid...
To myself.
I sit here and cry...
Cry about you.
I sit here and scream...
Scream from the remembrance of all the nightmares
you put me through.
I sit here and listen...
Listen to the breath
I wish to give back. But instead I greed.
Sit here and blink...
Blink for all the empty souls.
I lye here and talk to myself
about things that no one else should hear.
Is it enough?
Am I enough?
Go ahead judge me.
Kick me.
Hit me.
Do what you will to lower me and raise yourself.
It might hurt,
but it'll show you that I can take it.
I can remember and still smile about the things I do still have.
You can take anything you want from me.
But there's one thing you can't take...
I am not for sale.
I might be on the back shelf
but if you wander through the store
than you'll find me some time.
I won't find you.
It's not worth my time.
If I come to you,
I'm either desperate
or a conclusive loser.
You can look but you can't touch.
I am behind glass.
I let that glass break
and I've gotten hurt
for that very reason.
Show me that I can let the glass break and not be hurt.
Go ahead.
Try it.
I might even go as far as daring you.
But will it be worth it.
For either of us?
Who knows?
And who really cares?
Not me.
I don't care.
I live for today.
I think of yesterday.
And I get nervous for the future.
That's a lie.
I don't care.
Now that's not a lie.
That is also correct.

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