June 8, 2010
What is humor

What is humor but cries of joy. When someone cracks a joke or someone passes gas? Whatever it is, you just laugh. A tickle of a fall it is funny and never hurtful at all. Do you break down into tears when someone says something funny that you hear. You laugh and laugh until you can’t laugh until you can’t take it no more. You try to stop but can’t. is humor a thought you get when someone gets shot with a water balloon and looks like they wet their pants and now he’s laughing in a way that won’t upset. Humor is funny and is joy. Hope you laugh at the next joke comes. Pranks are funny and hilarious to do or to be done to. The spider on the string or faking death from a bee sting. Or falling off a house into a pool. Pranks are jokes that make us laugh. Never to hurt yourself or have pain but laugh and have fun.
Pranks are funny
Pranks are cool.
Pranks are super awesome as long as it’s safe.

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