why did he go

June 8, 2010
By Dragon_No_Love SILVER, Fridley, Minnesota
Dragon_No_Love SILVER, Fridley, Minnesota
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You had to go
But why
You did something wrong
But how
The cops were called
But when
You have a kid
But where
He says
“I have to go across the country
I got 7 felonies
They were called every time I did something wrong
And my kid is with my ex girlfriend.”
(Sigh) a tear runs down my face
I say
“how can I help”
He says
“don’t get attached”
I say
“I’m sorry but I already am”
He looks down
Sadness is in his eyes
I can tell he is attached too
I don’t like seeing him like this
It hurts me
But it also hurts him
He grabs me
Holds me close to him
I can feel his pain
I ask him not to go
He didn’t say anything
He just shook his head no
Begged him not to go
He always had the same answer
I ended up crying on his shoulder
He just held me tighter with every tear than ran off my face
He new I was hurting
He didn’t want to go
But he had too
He had no other choice
I told him I loved
He told me loved me
He told me he will never forget
Then we let each other go
I walked to my moms van
I got in it
He stood at the end of the drive way
We looked at each other
Until we couldn’t see each other in the distance

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on Jul. 23 2010 at 7:45 am
Dragon_No_Love SILVER, Fridley, Minnesota
7 articles 0 photos 11 comments
thank you and yah i no it hurts me still 2

DiceBaby GOLD said...
on Jul. 19 2010 at 11:23 pm
DiceBaby GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
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reading this brought back memories of the losing my greatest love. ur poem broke my heart all over again. but thats a good thing. your poem was strong and thats always somethin to aim for

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