Waiting for the day

June 8, 2010
By Anonymous

As I lay here on my bed
Waiting for the day to end
Passing time with all the drama
Full of fights with all might
To struggle in life with
Lots of thoughts and feelings
Tears start to roll as a
Stranger takes you to a strange place
So far over across the street and down
The road into another house
Scared of everything but deep inside
You wanna tell them off and run but
All you do is sit there and cry, yell,
Scream,and fight with all your might
And last chance to servie all the
Crap in your life. So all you wait for
Is the day to come.

The author's comments:
i was am going threw one of those 15 year old girl teen stages and i have a lot of drama and all i want is for it to stop it hurts in the inside and i had to write what i felt down i was very stressed out then and i thought to write it down!!

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