The Boy Who Never Grew Up

June 8, 2010
He ran down the hall
Equipment jostling
He took a quick left
Followed by a hard right
He pointed his gun towards the enemy
But it was too late
His character fell
He did not hesitate to hit the “F” key
A new avatar, at his disposal was created
The new character followed the same route
And ended up with the same result
“NOOO!” he screamed in agony
“Cheater!” he accused his killer
“Honey, dinner!” his mother yelled from above
He retreated from his den after kicking the computer
He sat at the dinner table, frustrated
His father yelled with anger “All you do is play that game! You’re 34, When will you get a life?”
“I have 23 friends online!” he shot back
The boy glared at his father
He then quietly retreated to his room
He rebooted the computer
He sat in his own solitude
“Just one more game,” he said to himself
“Then I’m done for good,”
He played on into the night
Disobeying his promise to himself
Around him lay dozens of empty energy drink cans
The boy never really grew up
Stuck in his game forever
Many people are like this
Don’t be one of them
Don’t be like him
Get a life

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LovelyDuckling said...
Dec. 30, 2010 at 2:06 am
haha funny... i like it :)
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