An Everyday thing

June 8, 2010
By Anonymous

The sky is blue the clouds are gone
The sun is warm and bright
Were at the park just hanging out
Having a good time
On a sunny summer day it’s an everyday thing

We sit back and relax until night
Sitting next to my friend as he holds me
When he holds me it feels so right
He makes me feel secure and never lonely
We’ve been kicking it for a minute
But just as friends

The sun is going down
It’s starting to get cold
So I guess it’s time to go
Until the next morning comes
Going to kick it once again at the park
It’s an everyday thing

It’s Sunday morning
The birds are chirping
They just won’t stop
I get up, get ready, I’m out the door
Going to have some fun
Don’t have plans, I call my friend

He wants to hang out, I tell him yea!
Meet you at the market
I’m half way there, a car pulls up
It’s my friend; he asks me if I’m ready
I forgot today’s the car show
I hop in the car
Just listening into some oldie tunes

Headed off to go pick him up
Were just cruising on a sunny day
The fresh air breezing through my face as we go
We drove up and said “what’s up?”
Now were headed off to the car show
Just reminiscing about the times I used to ride
From now until the end of time

It’s an early Monday morning
Just hanging out with my Friend
Headed off to go pick up her man
My man and the rest are having a bbq
Were already headed off to go
There I see him standing waiting for me
Thinking about the first time I met him
With his sexy little smile
With some big brown eyes

I keep him company; I’m always by his side
He tells me how he feels and how his day was spent
Just me and him hanging out
He takes me cruising around town
Because there isn’t anything better than the summer time
Just chilling in the park having a good time!

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