June 8, 2010
<i>the ribbon binding our cervical ribs together
is resolved fire and
quantum mechanics wrapped in beatoneegguntillfluffy.</i>

cut your teeth on my frightened way of life,
point fingers at the spiders in my closet,

<i>i told you
together we could divide the universe by zero
and find the answer in the rubble.
but i was too delirious
to write down the name of my night-stand,
so i might have been wrong.</i>

forewarning was rolled off my shoulders
and picked up by the orphans
who wanted to have a life,
and yesterday i found
why i must listen.

<i>her eyes
are no more entrancing than my sighs, you said.
the sway of her fiending lusts
held no ground, you said.
but i told you poets never find

strangers tell me i should eat more,
the world is not nearly as revolting as i write it,

<i>i told you the sun would swallow us up one day
and you asked
what became of my opium laced assumptions.</i>

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