Divide and Conquer

June 8, 2010
By RoughStuff GOLD, Tampa, Florida
RoughStuff GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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"Death comes to us all; we can only choose how to face it when it comes." -Robert Jordan

I dream of a day that would not be so bad
With fun and laughter
With Mom and Dad
The divorce has literally torn us apart
I still love them both
but they've torn up my heart
One side is wealthy
of Love and Support
The other is healthy
and offers retort.
Each side holds a piece of my soul
Without one or the other
I'll never be whole
They tell me to choose
Mother or Father
I'm afraid that I'll lose
Mother or Father
What do I do?
Mother or Father
My heart beats faster
Mother or Father
My mind races
Mother or Father
How can I choose?
Mother or Father
I can't take it anymore
Mother or Father
... I choose niether
or maybe its both
If you still do not understand
Here is my oath:
I love you both equally
And that will never change
I can't be without either of you
And that may be strange
But I am me
Thats all I'll ever be
And if you can't deal
Well I know how you feel
Ya'll were my life, my hopes, and my dreams
But when all that shattered
So did my soul, my heart, and my feelings
I was battered like the mix for a cake
I felt I didn't matter 'cause my earth began to quake
I was a little girl who would quiver and shake
Yet no one came
So I rescued myself
There was no one else to blame
So I blamed myself
Now I rise out of the ashes
I am new
I am me
And I will not choose
Between Mommy and Daddy.

The author's comments:
Divorces Suck

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Quentaraa said...
on Aug. 19 2010 at 6:49 am
I Competely Feel You On Thiss. But I Hadd No Choice. Good Jobb.

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