come find me where the city ends

June 8, 2010
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Come find me, where the city ends

Oh harsh love! Scorn me not for my departure from the metal womb you call home, it screams not for me; it cries not my name at night while I slumber softly under the stars.

Lights, artificial guide not my heart but lights of nature, creatures of the night guide me, they call your name too they whisper for you, for they wish nothing but my love to go unrequited.

Metal arms coddle you in your times of need; steel rivets were your mother’s nipples nursing you in the night, horn and clangs be your chorus of contentment to sooth your achy head, my songs are of god and his creatures of night and day, metal arm bring me no comfort in lue of the soft beats of the trees that watch over me and hold me in blight of strong gales, and golden acorns be but my mothers graces, steel fit not the definition to which this intends.

My love, where are you? Can you ever leave your brothers? Your brothers who have killed their mother with no regret and found misplaced love in this city, her surrogate.

I need you, find me where the flowers bloom like the signs of your new mother, find me where the trees take to the skies, more than a match for the monsters that watch over your brothers, come find me where our mother waits, her arms open to all her children, knowing but accepting of the future to follow, so come my once uncontested love come find me…where the city ends

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