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June 8, 2010
By stopper19 SILVER, Gap, Pennsylvania
stopper19 SILVER, Gap, Pennsylvania
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My friends are my stonghold
The reason school can be sometimes fun
They make tough situations a little more bearable
When you are together

This year was the best so far
So many great teachers
So many things we learned
Some say they hate school
But it really isn’t that bad
Just learn to listen and work hard
Its nothing more than that

My favortie class is in the morning
We have a great teacher and a lot of great people
We have a lot of work to do
But we always have time to laugh and joke along the way
We learn how to analyze poems and we write poems
This class is taught by Mrs.B and it is great

In the afternoon I have a crazy teacher
What does he look like you may ask
Its easy, a hearing aid, mustache and glasses
He class if full of fun experiments
And he teaches in a way that no one else can
His name is D. an Octoran legend
You know that class full of numbers and thinking
Sometimes is boring or just plain hard
This year it was not all that bad
Our teacher tried to give us all the oppurtunities he could for us to learn
And two of my best friends sat in front of me
When ever we got confused we would look at eachother and laugh
This class is math and is taught by Mr.R

Next is a class about war, famous people, and our history
We learn somthing new almost everyday
This class can be very interesing if we keep an open mind
We are usually busy with projects
And sometimes we jump when he screams
His voice is booming and loud
This is social studies taught by Mr.B

During 5th period things get a little mixed up
We have classes with kids from the other team
And these two classes are very interesting
I had computers the first marking period
Lets just say my fingers hurt
And spanish the second marking period
Nuestra clase es una locura

The UAs this year were quite interesting
We worked with robots, painted pictures, and learned about West Side Story
I recieved Presidential in Gym Class
All this done during 7th period

The sports this year for me were also great
Soccer, Volleyball, and Track
Soccer my favortie
But the others also fun
I played volleyball outside of school
With a team of girls I didn’t know
An interesting expierence
I’ve been practicing with the high school soccer team
Indoor and out
But during track I ended up hurting myself
A month later here I am with a pulled groin muscle
Physical therapy every day
But I will soon be stonger than ever

There were great sleepovers with friends
Three hour long conversations
Mountain Dew chugging contests
24 pieces of bubble gum gone in seconds
Man hunt in the rain
10 crazy girls ruinning around the mall looking for dresses
I feel bad for our parents

Spiritually I grew a great deal
I learned what its like to have a realationship with God
Not just praying but really feeling Him there with you
My friends and I also go to a worship service
Every third week of the month on Saturday
This thing changed our lives
And brough us closer to God and eachother

As you can see this year was the best
The classes were great
And I particiapted in National History Day
I think im ready for next year
Prepared to work hard in school and in sports
No longer an 8th grader
But a frehsman in High School

The author's comments:
This was a piece I wrote about my eighth grade year at Middle School which is coming to an end. It was like a flashback of all of my memories about myself, teachers, and friends. It was a great year over all!

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