June 19, 2010
By writerfreak BRONZE, Insert City, New York
writerfreak BRONZE, Insert City, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"You can never lose while you're fighting. You only lose when you stop." -Birch Street Gym

It’s the rawness of the aftershock
That leaves you reeling and wounded
When the fire ceases to burn
And you’re surrounded by nothing but ash
Picking up the pieces of what used to be whole

It’s funny,
How you think your heart will ache
For what could, what would, what should have been
But can’t be

Yet you’re numb
And the tears are restrained
By an invisible force

But then the band-aid gets ripped off
And the startling pain returns
The flood of tears cascades down your cheeks
And you wonder how you’re still standing
With your feet on the ground

To make it worse
Time lingers
And we are always starving
For the forbidden fruit
A hunger that never subsides
Until the last breath we take.

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