You Knew, Didn't You?

June 18, 2010
By IvanRainbowWings BRONZE, Gorham, Maine
IvanRainbowWings BRONZE, Gorham, Maine
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Destiny is never left to chance.

That night, when I saw you
Face down in the scarlet pool,
My inspiration died
Right before my eyes.

You were young,
You had a life ahead of you.
Your eyes…
They were so innocent.
But they don’t
Shine like that anymore,
Do they?

To carry on your dying wish,
It’s an impossible task.
How could I possibly save the
lives of others,
When I can’t even save my own?
Didn't you know this?

I feel this anger inside of me,
It digs,
It tears,
It destroys me.
You knew this all along,
Didn’t you?

Faith left me when you did.
I no longer had those sky blue eyes,
They were no longer young and innocent,
But old and twisted.
You knew this would happen,
Didn't you?

I no longer dreamed
Of that happy ending.
I dreamed of an ending
At the end of a corrupted road.
That dream I embraced.
The hardships,
The pain,
The anger,
And the madness.
But you expected this,
Didn't you?

I was called a pessimist,
As I no longer had a
Bright outlook on the world.
I would disagree with them.
But you knew I would,
Didn’t you?
You knew what I would always tell them.
You knew that I grew up.

The author's comments:
In a way, this poem is about loss. Not of a family member, or of a pet, nor a lover. It's the loss of your younger-self. This poem was inspired by reflecting back on how I grew up, and how I matured. My friend told me that growing to become mature isn't an easy task, it's hard and painful. One last thing that inspired me to write this is the song "Tegami", or "Letter", by Angela Aki, which is a song about writing a letter to your older-self, asking if everything is going to turn out okay.

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