June 18, 2010
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America, the beautiful
from towering redwood
to windswept prairie
to rocky northern shore

America, the valiant
waging war on injustice,
on tyranny,
and on oppression

America, the welcoming
offering freedom,
asylum, and hope
to all who come to her arms

America, the innovative
in government,
in science,
and in art

America, the industrious
from pioneers
to Depression-era housewives
to modern small business owners

America, the brave
standing up for what we believe in,
in freedom, equality, and hope

America, the envied
bad-mouthed by her enemies'
disparaged, abused,
but not destroyed

America, the beloved
by those who are proud to be Americans
and will fight for her honor,
for the land of the free
and the home of the brave

America, my country

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