holiday memories

June 18, 2010
By madeleinep SILVER, Yorktown, Virginia
madeleinep SILVER, Yorktown, Virginia
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On New Years,
the time you gave me your jacket when it started snowing,
do you remember how grateful I was for having you in my life?

On Valentine’s Day,
the night we took a walk after the rain stopped pouring,
do you remember all those kisses I gave you?

On my birthday,
the time we slow danced on the dock at Yorktown,
do you remember that’s where we fell in love?

On Thanksgiving,
when we walked on Lynnhaven beach,
the sky was a mixture of pink and purple with a dash of gold,
do you remember that’s when you took me in your arms and held me close?

On Christmas,
do you remember when you drove to my house to see me?
I remember the phone call and the tears that ran profusely down my face,
meeting your family in the hospital waiting room, running into the operation room.

Do you remember seeing me and grabbing your hand tightly as tears filled both our eyes?
I remember as I kissed your forehead, I felt something in your hand,
it was the Christmas present you wanted to give me.

Do you remember what you gave me?
I remember it was a necklace with a silver heart dangling from the end.
You engraved it with the words: I am forever yours.

Do you remember looking into my eyes and whispering Merry Christmas?
I remember, as I was about to say I love you,
I heard the flat line of the monitor and said goodbye.

It was our first and last Christmas,
but the beginning to my holiday memories yet to come.
Did you know I have never taken your necklace off since?

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this.. was my favorite memories with my first boyfriend and I and then i wanted to add a twist at the end. and he actually did give me that necklace... and i still have it

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