Mind Full of Memories

June 18, 2010
By Daydreamer14 PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
Daydreamer14 PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
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Climbing up I lay down, pull up the covers and allow my head to hit the pillow.
A scent refreshing of lilacs enters my nose as the dampness of my hair grazes the cushion, flowing around and down the edges like a willow.
Blinds to the world of sight close,
ending the day like the closing of a funeral by the cast of a black rose.
One, two, three...I take slow, big breaths counting each one off in my head.
Turning my body I loose count and continue to toss beneath the blankets in bed.
Soon memories penetrate my mind,
your smile more than easy to find.
Thoughts fill the once empty space.
The repeating sound of the fan keeping at a constant pace.
The touch of your fingertips run up my waist then glide along my back.
I shudder, close my eyes and turn around for an embrace as I am prone to react.
Simple little words you've said to me before,
repeat themselves in my head leaving my body ecstatic with memories that make my feelings soar.
Your hand touching mine.
The hesitance that left our fingers to entwine.
The gleaming eyes and cute laugh that show your love.
Making me feel up in the sky, on top of the clouds and above.
Again I breathe heavily, pressing my mouth to the pillow as I turn again with beads of sweat trickling down my face, struggling not to scream.
If only I could calm, relax into a dream.

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