June 18, 2010
By zachlayton BRONZE, Naples, Florida
zachlayton BRONZE, Naples, Florida
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Authorizing one to dominate your existence is a mistake.

Revealing my compellation would be a resignation of my individuality.

Building delusions, creating diversions,

Figuring and uncovering the mystery of another,

And using it for one’s own benefit,

Is the recipe for a puppette.

Are you a puppette?

Enforcing unworthy laws to lock up the innocent is a mistake.

Being locked up like an animal disposes of all benefit,

But allows the mind to sustain its individuality.

The brotherhood of these puppettes show another,

Is everything but a system of diversions.

The source of power’s main goal is to put society on a track of diversions,

Leading to the rabbit hole specifically designed for a puppette.

Entering a world of confusion, illusion, and another.

A complex lack of integrity does not polish their grin, but is a simple mistake.

They don’t have patience enough to wait for an occurrence of individuality.

Equal is not the answer, but the issue of fairness and dissolves the idea of benefit.

Naturally, you cannot benefit benefit.

One’s confusion diverts them from the path of diversion.

The final piece to the puzzle of a blind resistance is our individuality,

But everywhere we turn, more hatred surrounds us puppettes.

Being individual leaves an impossibility for lawful mistake.

The fate of another lies in the hands of another.

Blaming god is the final, and often, helpless sign of failures between one another,

Unless there is a valid resignation to society, which shadows the benefit.

To cease worthy action upon it would be a mistake.

Protest against the dominance or be lead into the diversion,

Allowing the rabbit hole to consume all puppettes,

Dividing the strong from the weak displays the true, superior individuality.

The weakness of the puppettes is their lack of individuality,

Which allows them to bond with one another.

The authorization of dominance is provided by the puppettes.

Which gains no benefit.

A stand from the unique must be made to cease diversion,

And there will no longer be a factor providing mistake.

The simplicity of diversion,

Masked with mistake,
Is where the puppettes learn to work with one another

The author's comments:
"Puppette" is a sestina, containing my thoughts on the common man versus society. The meaning of the word "Puppette" is insignificant puppette. It is not a real word.

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