The Facts of Life

June 18, 2010
By Anonymous

There's a truth in every lie,
a fraction of hope in every sigh.

A dream is a wish your heart makes,
when you fast asleep.
But those nightmares in the dark
warn you of those who creep

Your heart only breaks when it's beating
and with every expression of "I love you"
you'll find that they were only teasing.

Life will be hard and full of curves,
there will always be someone who'll get on your nerves.

Your walls will fall at the touch of a hand,
and somehow the culprit is always a man.

You'll always feel like flying when you hear an eagle's call,
and the sound of dying babies doesn't trouble parliament at all.

The mountains are a wonder,
their peaks are filled with grace.
But even the most loyal of men,
will be tempted by a pretty face.

Never trust an unknown lover,
because the time will come,
when he'll pack right up and leave you,
cause he aint' gettin' none.

Here are some words of wisdom,
they'll lead you through life's trial.
Remember to keep your head up,
you can perfect the world with a smile.

These have been the facts of life,
keep them by your side.
Love all those around you,
and let your conscience be your guide.

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