Dad is a Title Earned Not Given

June 17, 2010
By Anonymous

I looked into the eyes of the man
who I once knew as dad;
I saw nothing.
No honor, strength;
humanity, or compassion.
He was just a black hole,
formed by lies,
broken promises,
and everlasting deception;
I took one last look and realized,
that just because a man is given the title of a dad,
it doesn’t make him one.
A Dad is someone you can count on;
someone who is always there.
Someone who listens when you talk,
who knows when you are lying,
and when you are telling the truth.
A Dad is someone who protects,
and cares about you.
A Dad is always kind,
understands what you say.
Understands what is wrong
and makes you feel okay
A Dad is someone who loves you
No matter what you do.
A Dad is someone
Who is nothing like you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about my dad, who hasn't talked to me in 4 years because i chose to move in with my grandparents instead of with him. I made that decision because he worked 12 hours a day so i would have always been by myself.

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