Still Standing Strong

June 17, 2010
By Nyree1593 SILVER, Bronx, New York
Nyree1593 SILVER, Bronx, New York
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Favorite Quote:
My Struggle Cant Break My Swag and Death Before Dishonor.

I Once Only Wanted Acceptance From YOU

I've Grown To Find It's Not Worth What I've Been THROUGH

You See, You Could Believe What You Want, And Keep Judgement In Your HEAD

HA! (Scuff's) And You Still Can't And Won't Phase Me
Judgement Comes From God Only When I'm DEAD

By The End Of This I Will Make My DECISION

And By The Time I Actually See You
I'll Look Through You, And You Will Yet To Be In My VISION (Lmao)

Now I've Come To Understand Nobody Is Worth My TEARS

Even People I Respected Soo Much Don't Take My Respect For FEAR

It's Funny How Much Hate Came From This. Not From The JUMP

What's Even More Entertaining Is How Strong It Made Me. Never Have I Put Up A FRONT

I Love One And Only One, Because My Love For Him Is TRUE

A True Love Is A True Mind's Love And I Only Have Love For YOU

It's Funny Cause I Don't Have To Prove Myself To NOBODY Except GOD

And As I Walk With My Head High, I Still And Will Alwaysz Walk With My Staff. . . And My ROD!!!

So Do What You Do Because When You Open Me Up And Reveal What I've Been Through

You'll See Everything I Spit And Believe In, Turns Out To Be TRUE

So This Is The End And I Promised You My DECISION

Don't Worry Don't Change Your Mind I Don't Need A REVISION

Well As A Final Result You Will See More Of ME =]

And That's My Final Decision Whether You Agree Or DISAGREE!!!!!

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