June 17, 2010
Writing Is My Passion. I Write Until My Hands Scream In Protest. I Write Until The Nights Shadow Creeps Over Me Like Spiders. Their Webs Enveloping Me Like Their Unsuspecting Prey. As I Write Tonight, I Listen To My Other Passion. Music. A Symphony Of Guitars, Drums And More. The Music Intertwines In Between Each Letter. Writers Block Is Never A Problem. My Ideas Seep Out Of My Imagination, And Drip Onto The Paper Freely, As Natural As Salt In The Sea. Some Words Burn The Paper With Their Bitterness While Others Are So Happy They Make You Want To Vomit Your Innards All Upon The Ground. Late At Night, When Everyone Else Sleeps The Night Away, I'm Locked In My Room With Nothing But The Sound Of My Pencil Scratching On Paper. The Sound Is Like A Lullaby I Fall Asleep To Every Night, So Now Like Countless Times Before, I Give Up Just For Now And Surrender To A Blissful, Dreamless Sleep.

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