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June 17, 2010
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This time is an illusion.
Without fail it flies each day.
Never will there be a conclusion,
Just confusion and disarray.

Traffic lights; red to green,
Arguments create a scene.
Everything’s just “peachy keen”,
The way of the world is just obscene.

We move on.
Life is like a song,
Now everyone sing along.
It’s a repetitious chorus,
The phrases are clichéd.
It will eventually bore us,
It’s all so overplayed.

It’s sometimes slow and sometimes fast,
Sometimes rock and sometimes roll.
Lyrics remind us of the past,
Often cling to our soul.

We let it flow.
If it hits 32 it just might snow,
So we put on a hat and scarf and we go go go.
Don’t slow.

Water; liquid to gas.
Breathe it in deeply, the feelings will pass.
The purity will cleanse as it travels down your throat,
Don’t stop looking til you find another anecdote.

Everybody’s frantic.
All the girls want something romantic.
Is it love or is it lust?
I think it’s just semantics.

Go to work, go to school.
Board the train, join a carpool.
Ensure a quality education.
Find some sort of transportation.

Get in line, wait your turn.
Patience is a virtue.
When will you learn that
Fire can hurt you?

Where I’m going I’m not quite sure,
I don’t know if I’ll be able to endure.
But I can’t be late,
Can’t hesitate.

‘Cuz the Earth keeps spinning,
And the people keep sinning.
All this urgent, aimless traveling,
I watch the integrity unraveling.

Nothing really makes sense,
There is so much unexplained.
The small joys here and there do not recompense
We’re all still alone and pained.

Emotions; smiles to tears.
Carefully lock up all your fears.
Catch it before it rolls down your cheek.
Don’t think, don’t speak.

Meet someone new,
Guess that’s my cue.
Make a first impression.
What is this aggression?

We’ve just gotta mask it.
Get on with the day.
We’re supposed to be elastic,
Nothing can get in our way.

Take the stairs two at a time.
It’s moving so fast, feeling sublime.
I’ll just wait and stare at the clock.
Tick. Tock.
This clock will never stop.

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Any thoughts??
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