The story of Fate

June 19, 2010
By Thornedheart GOLD, Manvel, Texas
Thornedheart GOLD, Manvel, Texas
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My face fell into my hands as I gazed into the sight of death.
The water glistened and stirred as it revealed what was the threat
I shook and I trembled at the sight that I met
Because it wanted to kill me that sight I saw
The sight was a shock, a keyhole with no lock
It was me with no skin, not even a drop of flesh
I was made of all bone with two small eyes
But it was only a look of evil that I saw in my heart
It was a death with no finish
Not even close to the start
The face that I see wanted to make me tremble
It was a symbol of some kind
A warning or maybe even possibly a sign
Maybe it was just my vision
Maybe I had a collision
Or was this dreadful sight for real
And maybe it was in for the deal
Or maybe it was just what I felt
Cold and alone, I needed some serious help
A bright light flashed in the water and the sight was gone
I woke up in my bed staring at pictures of me
At least I was happy a soul that was free
Of stress and disappointment for that should be me
But what am I thinking my life is a mistake
A taker for the killer
An eaten piece of cake
For I am in my hospital bed ready to die at any moment
From my sickness of seeing the dead
It first started when I was young
A blurry figure slashed me in the head
He gave me a power unknown to man
For this power was a curse
Evil as it may be I can’t get rid of it
I wish I were free, but unto my fears
These dead people are still on earth searching for some help
A touch of love or even a small hug
They only let me see them for this is what my curse does
But now I’m seeing myself and the dead person I will soon be
For when I die the curse will still come along with me
My vision has now blurred back to the strange sight
That at first had filled me with fright
The dead is reaching in for me
Crushing my breath not letting me stay alive
For now my time has come just like it will for all
For every life has a small curse inside
The curse is a death that no one wants to feel
It’s a small catch that comes with a life
It’s nothing to be afraid of just think of it as a goodbye
When you leave the earth you are not seen
It’s all just like you are in a never ending dream
You don’t know what will come next
For the future is always unseen
But live a great life and you will be in a good dream
But if you take your life for granted and take your life too soon
You just might end up at a scary place
You’ll want to return to your body but the dream will never end
There is just no way to take back all you did in the past
So eat all the sweet things in life
Don’t eat too much of the sour for they come with a heavy price to pay
And god does not want you to go that way
Luckily I ate the sweet things so no worries for me
I will live in a happy dream for eternities to come
And maybe I will be reborn again
Who knows what my curse will do to me next
Idk but I hope it flows in a good way
But if it does not god will save me and pull me away
For this whole time god has showed me the way
I’ll just keep prayin and the devil will always turn back
Otherwise it would be a fatal heart attack!

The author's comments:
This is a sort of poem that has moral value to it. I hope you enjoy!

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