June 19, 2010
By Thornedheart GOLD, Manvel, Texas
Thornedheart GOLD, Manvel, Texas
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What if im not the hero... What if im the bad guy?

You are lovely and shockingly bright, maybe that’s why ur so uptight
I know I can be a pain and I know I can be a bother but I owe u my best, so let me tell ya the rest
I felt bad for not doing anything for u, u probably felt hated or maybe even sad or blue
I really owe u this poem and little rhyme so hang on tight and get rdy to take flight
You are special and really great, I know I don’t tell u these things but ur rly my tasty piece of cake
You do everything for me and have fun with me too, When I feel stressed you give me the test
What I am really trying to say is sorry for not giving u a special mother’s day
I felt bad and kinda stupid too for not giving u anything, not even a clue
But u know what I hide behind these eyes of mine something that can rly shine
It really may be a pain in my own way to say, but I’d rather tell it to u this way
You are my sea of shining blue, when I need wisdom or knowledge or help I look up to u and ur always my kelp
When I scream or cry u raise me back up and help me fly
When u see something wrong with me on the inside or out u don’t just leave it alone u rly push it and go into my territory zone
But the only reason u do all these amazing things for me is cuz u truly love me
I know I don’t say it everyday but I always feel exactly the same way
It’s probably because im growing up and am usually a spoiled brat, but don’t feel like I rly don’t cuz I obviously do
Mom what I am really just trying to say is tht I rly do LOVE u too!
Plz don’t be mad at me just feel glad with me
I wrote this poem especially for u so I hope u enjoy it and it makes up for my mistake of not giving u my tasty piece of lovely cake
Love is what I send out to u so I hope u embrace it and caress it all the way through
You brought me here and u could take it all back, but im so glad you didn’t or else I would just be a small memory and not alive today
You carved my start and now I just know I can make it all the way through I just gotta go through some struggles and bumps in the way, or maybe even a few
With ur help I can pull through and just know this one thing, that I owe u everything and this special love for u
And always know that forever in my mind and soul that I’ll always be a part of u
Truly accept this side of my gratitude cuz I felt so in the mood to express this small token of my love out to u
And always know that no matter what I say or do I’ll always be here with u, until my death comes and my life has just decayed into a few eaten crumbs

The author's comments:
Dedicated to my mother for mother's day.

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on Jul. 17 2010 at 11:14 am
MairGwyn PLATINUM, Sterling, Virginia
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I can partially (unfortunateley( relate to this... :| Good Job tho

on Jul. 15 2010 at 12:12 am
crubs33 DIAMOND, Lido Beach, New York
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"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud."- Coco Chanel
Life isn't about surviving the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

This is really good!! i can feel the emotion!!! if you could please rate and comment my work that would be great!! thanks and u r really good dont stop!!!

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