A Dream Set Ablaze

May 24, 2010
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Jet had never seen this before, what his eyes were viewing now. He was in a different place, and walked forward slowly, trying to comprehend its reality. It was Scarlea, and there was tall
grass all around him, waist high, but so red. This place was such a wondrous
sight, blazing crimson all around, racing into his retinas, hemorrhaging his
brain with possibly the best feeling of divine ecstasy he could’ve imagined. It
was practically surreal. A cold chill went through his whole body and he
smiled, so overjoyed, but hadn’t the faintest idea in the world why, but he
was. Almost like receiving a gift you had always wanted, but upon being given
it not fully comprehending the situation as reality, that was his feeling. He
waded, though the red timber waist high grass of the fields of Scarlea.

He had begun to notice however, upon Sauntering through the burning
fields of vermilion embers, bodies lay lifeless, entrancingly staring forever
more at the bloody sky. All of a sudden, they burst into flames simultaneously,
and the flames danced with the wind in a sonnet of divinity. Now, Bodies,
burning bodies, sprawled over in the burning field of embers lay lifeless to
all but the fire that consumes them. From ash to ash, they are in the end what
they were in the beginning, along with the fire dwindling down to a slow
As the sun had risen that morning, alighting the ebon sky with its infernibility, the bodies had done the
same. One by one, He counted them all upon their arrayal, his smirk holding true. All of them, enshrouded in undying flames that lashed about, not harming their already decayed bodies. Their
eyes stared on endlessly into the void, glazed and empty, colder than the heart of the Lord of Eternal Darkness.

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CrazyGirl said...
Jul. 14, 2010 at 3:22 pm
That was really cool you have a gift for drawing me in as i read i saw the whole story:)
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