Ode to the Two-Tailed Mermaid

May 24, 2010
By victoria.flores BRONZE, San Diego, California
victoria.flores BRONZE, San Diego, California
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You are the mermaid,
You have made me
Subconsciously strung out
By everything you have to offer.
So little, but yet,
So much.
For some, you are a habit.
For me, you are an indulgence.

Lasted for so many years
Now, more recently well-known.
Mistaken as an addiction
But inescapably tempting to resist.

Green is what makes you familiar.
Yet towards the end of the year
Your fervent festivities begin with red.
Oh, the disappointment when
Last year’s seasonal superlatively sweet
Is not written as an
Enjoyed delight on the blackened board.
But still, I return;
In search of the instinctive,
Venti, Grande, and Tall
That reveals your routine façade.

You lure me with your siren.
Ensnare me with your
Overwhelming, intoxicating goods.
And now,
I seem to be accustomed to
Your enticing aromas.

You are irresistible and seductive
That is what you represent, and
That is what you do.

And I now understand,
The feeling must be mutual.

The author's comments:
I decided to write this to express my feelings towards the addiction that most people call, Starbucks. I enjoyed writing this piece and hope that others will as well. I hope that anyone and everyone who reads this will be able to not only understand but easily relate to this undeniable infatuation.

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