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May 24, 2010
By Love23 BRONZE, Joliet, Illinois
Love23 BRONZE, Joliet, Illinois
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I don’t have a Best Friend

Someone loyal as the
Sun is to the sky.
My Best Friend has to be the
Sky because with or without the
Sun, the sky is always there.

Someone that is trustworthy.
Someone that will hold my secrets by blood.
Let not one drop be spilled,
Unless the painful bleed to death.

Someone that is comforting.
In my time of trouble, my
Best Friend is my blanket.
Also my pillow to sleep away
My stress and pain.

Someone that is forgiving.
Forgive me for all my
Mistakes and all that comes,
They will not judge me.

I don’t have a Best Friend now…
But SOMEONE will be.
Is it you?

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