Words Walls and Actions

May 24, 2010
By Mally01 SILVER, Dameron, Other
Mally01 SILVER, Dameron, Other
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Words can bring tears and sadness,
And actions can show jealousy and hatred.
So much damage can be done by words
So much pain inflicted by actions.
Try as we might to be strong and ignore it
The hurt will grow
The pain is like a wall.
The words and actions are stones.
With every demeaning word,
With every careless action
A stone is placed and the wall grows.
The wall is built to protect us.
We build the wall to keep out the intruding insults.
We build the wall to protect us from the acrimonious actions.

But the wall can be brought down
Bewilderingly by words and actions

Words can bring laughter and joy,
And actions can show love and admiration.
So much restoration can be done by words
So much pain confiscated by sincere actions
With every heart warming word
With every amiable action
A stone is removed and trust is restored
We take down the wall,
We ignore the intruding insults, and acrimonious actions
We remember the kind words.
We build genuine friendships
And we slowly take down the stone wall.
Slowly we remove the wall stone by stone

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