In the Silence of the Night

February 27, 2010
By cannee17 BRONZE, Richlands, Virginia
cannee17 BRONZE, Richlands, Virginia
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In the slience of the night i quietly weep, as many nights before it puts me to sleep. The pain in my heart just doesnt seem real. You promised me forever. Is this how forever is supposed to feel? The promises you broke, all the lies you told, have done nothing to you, but as i lay here, i feel so cold. I can still feel your touch caressing my skin, I can still taste your kiss, it tingles my lips. I cry for the days of happiness we once shared, i cry because of your cruelty, my feelings not spared. In the silence of the night, i quietly weep. The salt from my tears burns my cuts, so deep. How many more tears can i shed over you? How many more cuts until i believe its true? I do not want you to be gone, I do not want us to be over. But wanting only makes the pain worse, so instead, in the silence of the night, i shall continue to weep.

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