February 27, 2010
By Anonymous

All thse feelings bottled up inside,
Trying to get out,
Trying to be heard,
Just trying to disappear.
But they remain bottled up.

No one can know what they are.
These feelings must hide,
Must be kept in the dark.
Hopefully they will be suffocated.
Die over time.
No one needs to know.

They're pilling up,
Black, thick shadows.
Drawing a veil over old hopes, old desires.
There are days when the veil is thin,
Letting the old flood in.
it's too much to take.
Everything flodding in again.

So much has changed.
But the old has a way of sneaking in,
Taking over,
Dragging everthing down.
There's no way to escape.

Black as night,
Thicker than fog,
Heavy as lead.
All of this bottled up inside.
They keep pilling up.
There is not much room for more.

But all must be hidden.
A smile painted on.
All will go away in time.
No one must know.
It will only make things worse if anyone sees.
Nothing can seep out.
Must appear as happy as can be.

IF anything looks wrong,
More changed will be made.
This makes it worse.
The pain is unbearable
But a smile must remain
To cover up what lies beneath,
Pilling up.

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