What A World

February 27, 2010
By Belief_Among_Unrest SILVER, Russell, Massachusetts
Belief_Among_Unrest SILVER, Russell, Massachusetts
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If I could walk through infinite meadows
Full of flowers, sun, and silence
I might finally have some peace of mind
And escape from all this violence

If I could walk through cryptic woods
Full of roses, streams and pleasure
I might finally understand this life
Is more valuable than any treasure

If I could swim through musical brooks
Full of fish and rocks and mystery
I might fianlly lay aside my worries
And bask in this heavenly glory

If I could swim through spacious skies
Full of clouds and birds and freedom
I might finally forget my friends
For I no longer see them

If I could leave just for a day
And see these places I never knew
I might finally see this ancient world
Older than I, but truly new

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a free write in English class, but now it's here for the whole world to see.

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