Love is Like the Moon

February 27, 2010
Love is like the moon,
Pure, innocent, bright,
Glowing with eternal light,
Bringing hope and faith,
Even in the darkest night.

At first it seems not to exist,
A ghost, a fantasy too far from reach,
A goal too difficult to accomplish.

It has phases, varying extremes,
Waxing in trust and respect,
Waning in pride and guilt,
Becoming full in the need of comfort,
Something to ease the pain,
Becoming new in anger and lies,
When no amount of time can heal.

Although sometimes it seems to be gone,
The sky is dark and the future looks bleak,
It hasn’t fled, only hidden from sight,
When the time comes, it reappears,
Becoming stronger by the day.

Belonging to everyone,
Favoring no one,
Guiding us all through the night.

Love is like the moon,
And we are like the tide,
Although some try to hide it,
And still others deny it,
It decides our every move.

Pushing, pulling us in its direction,
Usually we wish to follow the pull,
Sometimes we are afraid to,
And, rarely, we want to refuse to.
In the end, it rules over every star, over every heart.

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sbets said...
Jul. 24, 2012 at 9:54 pm

I love the simile! The concept is so original and unique! Great job!

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