Thinking is a Phantasmagoria

February 27, 2010
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Thoughts should not be so concrete;
they should arise from the surface, transparent and bursting.
They should emphasize your ability to paint without brushes,
like gasps of air from a speech understood yet unspoken.
These images should come and go,
feeing without purpose or reason,
out of habit,
to that familiar patch of flattened earth
only to acknowledge the worth of their own existence.
Keep them wild, untamed, and running.
-free, nonconforming, and pure
Tainted, these things become heavy and clouded behind broken rib cages,
forever drowned out by slow dancing heartbeats.
They want, they feel, they need to be unleashed
with mysterious nonviolence to breed tyranny
and phosphorescent colors of light.
Acknowledge the realm where insecurities breed sanity
and mirrors are broken for fear of perfect repetition.
Think within the withdrawals of secluded expectations;
a man can have wings if you want him to.

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