Figure It Out

February 27, 2010
By BeforetheStorm PLATINUM, Eastbrook, Maine
BeforetheStorm PLATINUM, Eastbrook, Maine
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"I miss you, more than the sun misses the moon... and the desert misses the soft caress of the rain on a hot summer's night..."

What's it like? Sitting there and staring at his picture, and then REMEMBERing you're with someone? What's it like standing with him? Knowing that you don't like him at all? DO you stay with him if all you're going to do is piss and moan about how he cares about you too much, that it isN'T worth staying with him because he wants to get to know you. But, you won't open up to him.

I've seen you, y'know; standing there with him and wishing you could kill yourself. Wishing he would just leave you alone.

He loves you. More than anyTHINg in the world.

But what is love? Why do we love? Why do we feel an attachment to someone else?


An Innocent Tool To Help You Along

Something That Everyone TaKes Advantage Of


I've seen you standing with the other one. Telling him that the first one is nothing. Just someone to bring you along until you can see him again.

"ABOUT time you kissed me!" you tell him. "It's been months since my last kiss with you."

A Vessel

Where is THE love? With the first one? There is none, is there? He holds you together until you can find the PAST.

"Forget the now! I want to know the future," You tell him.

Figure It Out

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