Fallen Soldier

February 27, 2010
By Kain-9 BRONZE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Kain-9 BRONZE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
In the light you feel nothing but in the dark you feel everything

Soaring high
Feeling fine
Not a care in the world
Till gravity ends your flight
Down on the ground
Feeling scared
Men march by
To their death
You watch
You see
You wish you could leave
But there is no wishing
Just reality of the deaths
Of many men, crying women, small children
Feeling cold in a hot place
Blood splatter on your face
You want to be in the clouds again
Clouds of fluffy white
Not of scarlet red
Back to the clouds
You want to be
Not on this battlefield
Soon it ends
Your hands shall never be clean again
You can’t sleep without nightmares hunting you
You wish you could have saved a person or killed another faster
You can’t get over what you saw
Like the government wants you to
You slowly go insane
Till you see
Your child smile at you
Finally sees who you are
Before you fell from the clouds of white
To the ground of scarlet
Slowly you forget and slowly you float back up
To those clouds but you shall always know what the ground looks like
You’ll always see the scarlet ground
Though the white clouds

The author's comments:
not sure... I just wanted to write a poem that took up more then a paper in my writers notebook. There is a alot of war going on as well. Things around my affect my writing in odd ways as you see by reading my poems.

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